ASMI welcomes the UK's Self Care Week

17 November 2015

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The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) welcomed the UK's Self Care Week, which puts the spotlight on ways people can take better care of their own health in partnership with health professionals rather than being passive recipients of healthcare services.

Brenda Davy, Project Director for Australia's Self Care Alliance, said: "The theme of Self Care Week 2015 is 'Self Care for Life'.

"The health promotion activities in the UK this week encourage people to take greater responsibility for managing minor ailments and chronic conditions and preventing lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

"The current model of healthcare delivery is financially unsustainable due to demographic changes such as the ageing population. This is forcing governments around the world to rethink models of healthcare to put them on a more sustainable trajectory.

"In Australia, the Self Care Alliance is bringing together individuals and organisations across the healthcare sector to formulate new models of healthcare based on the UK's approach to self care.

"The Self Care Alliance is promoting generational change in the way health services are delivered.

"Healthcare service providers need to rethink their services to ensure consumers have greater capacity to make their own decisions and take an expanded role in their healthcare. 

"We need to unleash the power of the consumer, changing the way health professionals interact with them  and providing systems and tools to help them to do more.

"The Self Care Alliance is mobilising Australia's healthcare sector to speak with one voice about self care, aiming to bring about the generational changes in our health system necessary to make it more sustainable as the population ages," she added.