Consumer Healthcare expert says companies can innovate their way to growth

26 August 2015

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Companies can innovate their way to growth despite crowded and highly competitive consumer healthcare products markets, says Robert Buckeldee, Head of Consumer Healthcare for Nielsen Innovation, Europe.

Robert Buckeldee will share six approaches to innovation and give examples of how they have been applied in the health and personal care categories, at ASMI's annual conference on 11 November, 2015.

"Compelling new productdevelopment is difficult to create in the health and personal care categories," says Buckeldee. "Most category areas are already crowded and highly competitive and creating new niche areas does not always yield huge consumer potential.

"Nevertheless, even in difficult economic times, consumers enjoy trying new products. In the fast-moving consumer goods and over-the-counter (OTC) segments, new products represent a relatively small economic risk to consumers as price points generally tend to be modest."

Market research agency, Nielsen, has identified six ways to approach innovation in the health and personal care categories:

  • Make a professional-grade experience mainstream
  • Relieve consumers of unwanted trade-offs
  • Nail a job for the consumer and then build a platform
  • Look for expanded or new usage occasions
  • Provide a meaningful secondary benefit
  • Stretch your brand.

Robert Buckeldee will explore each of these approaches in his conference presentation, with a spotlight on case studies demonstrating each innovative approach.

Filomena Maiese, ASMI Marketing and Business Development Director, acknowledged and thanked Bayer Australia for sponsoring Robert Buckeldee's plenary session. "Bayer Australia's support has enabled ASMI to bring Robert Buckeldee, a leading global expert in consumer healthcare, to Australia for the premier conference of the consumer healthcare industry. We are greatly looking forward to him sharing his global insights and learnings," Ms Maiese said.

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Robert Buckeldee Bio

Robert Buckeldee

Robert Buckeldee is Head of Consumer Healthcare within the Innovation Practice at Nielsen in Europe.

At Nielsen, Robert has had roles across the organisation in client management, marketing,operations and business leadership, and has led global client engagements with a number of the top Nielsen clients. He has extensive experience working internationally with clients in the health and personal care sector and with industry organisations.


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