New study found zinc lozenges reduce duration of common cold

19 March 2015

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19 March 2015 - The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) welcomed a new study, which revealed that high dose zinc acetate lozenges reduce the duration of the common cold.

The study, a meta-analysis of three placebo-controlled, randomised, double blind studies, was published in the journal, BMC Family Practice. It found that high dose zinc acetate lozenges shortened the duration of nasal discharge by 34 per cent; nasal congestion by 37 per cent; sneezing by 22 per cent; scratchy throat by 33 per cent; sore throat by 18 per cent and cough by 46 per cent1.

Steve Scarff, ASMI Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, said: "This study is great news. It provides robust evidence of the efficacy and safety of zinc lozenges in reducing symptoms of the common cold.

"The study is particularly important as it demonstrated that higher doses of zinc are well tolerated for short periods of time. While the doses referred to in the study are not allowed in Australia, the results indicate the efficacy of zinc in relieving common cold symptoms.

"We welcome new research such as this study that adds to the evidence base for complementary medicines," he added.

1. Hemila, H. and Chalker, E. The effectiveness of high dose zinc acetate lozenges on various common cold symptoms: a meta-analysis. BMC Family Practice, 2015, 16:24.

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