International expert to put the spotlight on global healthcare retailing best practice

09 September 2014

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9 September 2014- The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) announced that international expert in healthcare retailing, Steve Sowerby, will be a keynote speaker at the ASMI Annual Conference on 18 November 2014. Steve will consider global trends in healthcare retailing and present various case studies from across the UK, USA, Asia and Latin America, which demonstrate great examples of latest retail trends around the globe.
Steve Sowerby, the founder of XPotential, a leading strategy agency, said: "There are several key trends in healthcare retailing that are impacting health retailers globally. Innovative retailers take advantage of these trends, re-engineering their business model to create new growth opportunities. My presentation at the ASMI Conference will put the spotlight on health retailers who are successfully leveraging these trends to change their business model and build their brands.

"The traditional dispensary model of pharmacy is being replaced by a broader service model, with a more integrated and patient-focused approach to healthcare. Services such as health checks, immunisation, pain management services, health coaching and rural health hubs are now being offered by some innovative pharmacies, and those retailers who are helping patients and shoppers to make the right product and service decisions at the point of purchase are driving business growth.

"There is a move away from supermarkets towards smaller local convenience stores, which is creating new business opportunities for community pharmacies. Brand strategy, service, signage, merchandising, and store layout are key to leveraging this trend.
"Branding is also key to the success of online shopping, which continues to grow strongly. Consumers are increasingly using smart phones and lap tops for purchasing goods and services, particularly the new generation of shoppers who have grown up with e-tailing.
"Online shopping enables reliable, accurate and deep insight into a shopper's personality traits, interests and consumption behaviours. To leverage this trend entrepreneurial retailers are building their online brand strategy and tapping into the capacity for personalisation that flows from big data.

"Successful healthcare retailers are building their business for the future and are taking advantage of these trends by reassessing and redesigning their business," said Mr Sowerby.

Steve Sowerby Biographical Information
The Founder of XPotential, Steve is a highly experienced Marketer and General Manager with over 30 years of corporate and agency experience. Steve has an in depth knowledge in Strategy, Positioning, Branding and Team Building as well as being an experienced trainer and facilitator. Steve is a passionate believer that Brands are the most important asset of a business. He believes that every department and each individual in an organisation has the power to add value to the brands of the business.

Steve's knowledge and experience was founded in pharmacy and medical sales, developing onto pharmacy marketing and business development. He has worked globally in areas of, pharmaceuticals, health care, skin care, fast moving consumer goods, retailing, media and non-profit organisations. As a senior executive for Reckitt Benckiser and 3M Health Care, Steve has managed divisions and run companies in Italy, Spain, France, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Singapore and East Asia.

For the past fifteen years Steve has worked across over 30 countries in every continent on corporate and brand strategy, pharmacy development and innovation with over 50 of the world's best known companies and their leading brands; such as NIVEA, Eucerin, La Prairie, Elizabeth Arden, Lemsip, Gaviscon, Nurofen, Sensodyne and many others. With leading retailers such as Boots, Carrefour A.S. Watson, and Walmart, he has coordinated winning-approaches for brand-supplier-retailer based on consumer/shopper and customer understanding and partnership mindset.


When: Tuesday 18 November 2014. Registration and coffee at 8.30 am

Where: Waterview Convention Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, Sydney

Who: Delegates from all sectors of the non-prescription medicines industry are encouraged to attend

How: To register online click here

Contact: Claire Johnson, ASMI Member Events and Services Associate 02 9922 5111 |

About ASMI: The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) is the peak body representing sponsors of non-prescription medicines - over-the-counter (OTC) and complementary medicines. Its members make up 85 per cent of the $4bn self care market. Membership totals 60 companies and ASMI members employ approximately 18,000 people with exports estimated at $1.2 billion annually. ASMI's mission is to promote better health through responsible self care. This means ensuring that safe and effective self care products are readily available to all Australians at a reasonable cost. ASMI works to encourage responsible use by consumers and an increasing role for cost-effective self-medication products as part of the broad national health strategy.

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