Greater access to oral contraceptives over-the-counter

22 October 2018

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The announcement yesterday by the Victorian Coalition to increase access to the contraceptive pill, if elected, will result in greater access and choice for women so that more Victorians can practice Self Care with confidence.

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) today welcomed the announcement and congratulated Shadow Health Minister, Mary Wooldridge, for having the foresight to increase access to oral contraceptives over-the-counter under a pharmacist-dispensed non-prescription model after the initial provision of a prescription from a doctor.

"We have long advocated for increased access to non-prescription medicines so that Australians are empowered to practice Self Care with confidence and better self-manage their health," explained Dr Deon Schoombie, CEO of ASMI.

"The announcement yesterday is a step in the right direction and we hope that more Australian jurisdictions recognise the importance of better access and greater choice for consumers."

"Increasing access to non-prescription medicines, where appropriate, will substantially benefit consumers, healthcare professionals, government and industry."

"The outlined approach by the Victorian Coalition with respect to over-the-counter oral contraceptives is sensible and enhances the role that GPs and pharmacists play in the delivery of healthcare in Australia."

"This will bring Australia closer to being in line with many other countries in the world that already have access to oral contraceptives over-the-counter in pharmacies."