ASMI Sales and Marketing Awards recognise excellence in consumer healthcare promotion

14 November 2012

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Awards for innovative consumer healthcare products, promotions and self care initiatives were announced at the Australian Self-Medication Industry (ASMI) Conference in Sydney.

The Marketing & Business Development Director of ASMI, Ms Filomena Maiese said the awards recognise best practice by ASMI members in healthcare promotion, in keeping with the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM), and have become a focus of excellence across the industry.

The judging of the awards was conducted independently of ASMI by an expert panel of industry professionals.

"This year, each of the nominees made extremely valuable contributions to the market. The winning entries all demonstrated clever and unique approaches to the education of consumers, and have therefore contributed to the general wellbeing of the community," Ms Maiese said.

The winners of the 2012 Sales & Marketing awards were:

Best Marketing Campaign of a Consumer Healthcare Product - Large Budget (Joint winners)

Powering Australia's Olympic Dream, Swisse Vitamins

Judges' comment: The Swisse campaign aimed to promote the benefit of a healthy living lifestyle by utilising the organisation's association with The Olympics and Olympic ambassadors. Swisse showed commitment to the Olympic cause by extending the campaign to the Paralympics. It also reached directly into the community with the Swisse Olympic Games School Road Show. Swisse was recalled as the leading sponsor brand during the Olympic Games, ahead of McDonalds and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The result not only raises the profile of Swisse, but also of complementary medicines in Australia.

Nicabate - Pledge to Quit, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

Judge's comment: The campaign centred around the annual event, World No Tobacco Day, with the idea of "pledging to quit" and the creative device of binding the two 'cigarette fingers'. The campaign communicated one big idea across multiple platforms, and was uniquely tailored to each channel. The campaign period recorded the highest sales ever for both the Nicabate brand and the category, which ultimately means more smokers quitting - a great outcome for the consumer and the Australian community.

Best Marketing Campaign of a Consumer Healthcare Product - Small Budget

Elevit with Iodine - Blogger Outreach Campaign, Bayer Australia

Judges' comment: This is an outstanding example of a social media campaign that extends to other media, as opposed to the traditional approach of adding-on social media as an extension to mainstream campaigns. Elevit partnered with Australia's largest online community, Essential Baby and Fairfax, to deliver its unique campaign. They identified 10 influential bloggers and invited them to submit their words of wisdom on how conceiving is fun and exciting. They shared this with their own followers and the winning blogger featured in the booklet, "The Elevit guide to conceiving". Post-event editorials and articles were generated, creating significant media coverage among the core target audience.

Best PR Initiative

SunSense - Hidden UV Damage, Ego Pharmaceuticals

Judges' comment: A very strong campaign which focused on educating the consumer around the importance of sun protection, and empowering them with more information on sun protection choices. Ego took the message to the people with the UV Photo Bus, allowing them to examine the individual and give them immediate advice and spread the message of sun safety. The idea was supplemented by a print campaign and a pharmacy education package.

Best Digital Campaign

Elevit with Iodine - Blogger Outreach Campaign, Bayer Australia

Judges' comment: This entry is a class example of a digital advocacy strategy. It was refreshing to read, a well-conceived and thought-out execution. They understood the value of earned media, paid media, and owned media. More organisations in the healthcare industry should focus on practical, resource efficient examples of digital engagement to drive awareness, endorsement and engagement.

Best Healthcare Professional Initiative

Nurofen - What You Thought You Knew, Reckitt Benckiser

Judges' comment: The approach taken by Reckitt Benckiser commenced with the creation of an advisory board. This board conducted an independent review of the data and published a consensus statement on the tolerability of non-prescription analgesics. The results of the review were shared with both the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and Pharmacy Guild of Australia, who worked with Reckitt Benckiser on accrediting educational initiatives for pharmacists and their staff. A very comprehensive program focused on Healthcare Professional education in pain management.

Best Customer Marketing Initiative

Canesten Fungal Nail Treatment Set Launch, Bayer Australia
Judges' comment: This initiative focused on helping the retailer (in this case Pharmacy) with the necessary tools to help engage with the consumer about the condition and treatment. An immense amount of effort went into helping the retailer better understand the category as well as Canesten's unique point of difference. As part of the initiative, an algorithm was developed in conjunction with GPs, Pharmacists and Dermatologists, which was a critical tool in helping diagnose the consumer and guide the retailer in engaging in the conversation with the shopper at the point of purchase. The initiative also involved a comprehensive, in-store program, patient support program and online education.

Best Self Care Program

SunSense - Hidden UV Damage, Ego Pharmaceuticals

Judges' comment: Ego's campaign focused on creating awareness and educating the consumer about the "hidden damage" caused by the sun and the importance of sun protection. Rather than communicate this through traditional media channels, they took their messages to the consumer directly, via the UV Photo Bus. Using this tool, Ego was able to provide a free UV analysis to Australians and offer personalised sun protection advice. This was supported by a national print campaign which reinforced the core message around awareness of hidden damage from the sun and responsible sun safe behaviour.

Best Launch of a Consumer Healthcare Product

Canesten Fungal Nail Treatment Set Launch, Bayer Australia

Judges' comment: Despite launching in a tough market, against an established leader, Canesten's unique product proved to be a formidable contender. The approach incorporated traditional marketing methods as well as original techniques that helped educate the consumer on diagnosis and treatment, and helped highlight the product's point of difference, namely, its speed of action. The share gains were significantly greater than expected, with Canesten actually bringing new consumers into the market, expanding the entire category.
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