ASMI Congratulates Kos Sclavos on Eight Years at the Helm of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

16 April 2013

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16 April 2013 - The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) today extended its appreciation and congratulations to Kos Sclavos, the outgoing national president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, for his outstanding commitment to the pharmacy profession and community pharmacy in Australia.

Mr Sclavos announced yesterday that, after eight years as national president, he will step down in October 2013.

"Kos has been a progressive and influential leader and a strong driving force behind of number of industry initiatives aimed at improving the health of Australians," said ASMI Executive Director Dr Deon Schoombie.

"ASMI has worked with the Pharmacy Guild for many years on ways to entrench a powerful preventative health culture in the community, including the need for greater self care. In particular, we applaud Kos for his collaborative approach in managing issues impacting the over-the-counter and complementary medicines industry."

Among his many significant achievements, Kos is to be congratulated for taking the pharmacy profession into the digital era, with successful initiatives such as eHealth and electronic prescriptions and Project Stop to track sales of pseudoephedrine."