2017 WSMI General Assembly Conference


Thank you for attending the 2017 WSMI GA. Below are the presentations that our speakers and moderators have agreed to share, please click on the presentation you wish to view.



WSMI Chair - Delegate Welcome, Brian McNamara

Role of the NGO Patient Groups in Self Care, Jolanta Bilinska

Role of Pharmacy in Self Care, Paul Sinclair

Role of GP in Self  Care, Mukesh Haikerwal

Role of MIdwives in Self Care, Dr Sally Pairman

Role & Impact of Consumer Advertising on Pharmacist Only Medicines, Prof Rosalie Viney

Innovation of New Self Care Models - Minor ailment services, Prof Charlie Benrimoj

Consumer Self Care Trends & Insights, Katie Devine

Consumer Healthcare - trends and future predictions, Andy Tisman

The "New Consumer" in Consumer Health, Matthew Oster

Impact of digital technology on serlf care in the future, Monica Feldman

Advertising impact on consumer self care behaviour, Dr Isabell Koinig



WSMI Economic of Self Care - Research Toolkit, Josh Noone

Health Economic Framework to inform Prescription to OTC Switch, Dr Bonny Parkinson

Value of Self-Care in Mexico, Benni Boruchowski

Doctor visits before & after Prescription to OTC switch of Proton Pump Inhibitors for Gastroesophageal Reflux in the United States, Prof Eric Brass

Optimising Self Care through Switch, Dr Hubertus Cranz

Increasing Access to Non Prescription Medicines - A Global Public Health Challenge & Opportunity, Dr Ed Hemwall

The Impact of Switching Prescription Medications to Over-the-Counter - Canadian Case Studies, Karen Proud

Australian pharmacy perspectives on demand and readiness for increased non-prescription availability of medicines, Denise Hope

New Zealand Rx to OTC Switch Case Study - Erectile Dysfunction, Dr Natalie Gauld

New Zealand Rx to OTC Switch Case Study - Erectile Dysfunction, Alison Van Wyk

Diamond Awards, David Morgan

Regulators Forum



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