Advertising Requirements / Codes

Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, TGAC

This code is a legal instrument that sets out the requirements that must, by Commonwealth law, be met by any advertisement that is promoting use or supply of a therapeutic good to consumers. The content of the TGAC is maintained by the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code Council (TGACC), a policy advisory body.

Click here for the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2015

ASMI Code of Practice

This is the self-regulatory code of conduct of the non-prescription sector of the medicines industry. It covers advertising of non-prescription medicines to both consumers and healthcare professionals. The code also includes a mechanism for lodging a complaint about advertising to healthcare professionals or to consumers.

More information on the ASMI Code of Practice can be found here.

Other advertising codes

CHC Code of Practice for the Marketing of Complementary Healthcare & Healthfood Products offers additional guidance on promoting complementary medicines.

GMiA Code of Practice for generic medicines

Price Information Code of Practice

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct for prescription medicines.

MTAA/MIANZ Code of Practice for medical devices.

Weight Management Industry Code of Practice for advertisers of weight loss programs or clubs.