Approval of Advertisements

Under Review - Revised therapeutic goods advertising requirements are still being finalised by the TGA.

For up-to-date information please contact the ASMI Secretariat (02 9922 5111) or the TGA's advertising section (02 6232 8757).


Medicine advertisements directed to consumers must be formally approved by ASMI or CHC if they are to be shown in "specified media". This includes TV, radio, mainstream newspapers and magazines, cinema and public display e.g. billboards, posters, public transport.

ASMI and CHC are industry associations that have been delegated with the authority to approve advertising by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. Full information on the approval process is provided in the following: 

How long does it take to get advertising approved?

A standard timeframe of 10 working days and a maximum of 60 days should be allowed for a response to ASMI advertising applications. The legislation does, however, allow up to 60 days for applications to be considered for approval and applicants should factor this into their plans.

Is there a fast-track for ASMI advertising approval applications?

Yes, if you are requesting approval of a minor change or revision to an existing approval, your application may be fast-tracked. To qualify for fast-tracking, you must state in your application the original ASMI approval number that the revision is based on.

Approval is not required for:

  • medical device advertisements.
  • medicine advertising that is in "below-the-line" media (i.e. not specified media).
  • advertising that is directed to healthcare professionals; note that pharmacy assistants are not defined as healthcare professionals and so are considered consumers.

ASMI advertising services can best be reached via or ph: 02 9955 7205

Click here for information on ASMI training on the Therapeutic Goods Advertising code.